Rebel Notion No. 9 E005 – Bygdøy Island Squeaky Gate At The Dock

Lovely Spot off Oslo Norway - Bygdøy
Lovely Spot off Oslo Norway – Bygdøy

Friday April 26 2013 Mid Afternoon Bygdøy Island, Norway. Ninja teases a squeaky gate waiting at the dock for the ferry back to Oslo.  Sunny and mild.


Duration: 02:04 Size: 5mb

Rebel Notion No. 9 E004 – Bergen Norway, Boys Marching Band


April 24 8pm Bergen, Norway. Boy’s Marching Band through the city centre by the Atlantic Ocean.  Sun has still not set. Fine mist of rain falling around us.

Listen :     Duration: 1m50s  Size: 5mb

Equipment used for recording : Zoom H2 and Roland – CS-10EM – Binaural Microphones/Earphones