Crowd Scored Audience Generated Composition

photo (c)
photo (c)

Audience generated music. Performed on Saturday October 18, 2014 at New Adventures in Sound Art in Toronto. Audience members were given cards with a url to connect to, and were able to send in button presses which formed the basis of the composition.

Conductor and Score Meister : Elliot Feinberg

Participants : Elliot, David, Sarah, Stephen and Eric

Equipment : See Evernote Link:  Notes on Crowdscoring


Listen to the audio piece on its own :  10m10s 19Mbs

Rebel Notion No. 9 – 0009 – New York City Subway Ride Autumn 2014

Grand Central 42nd Street Station – New York City. Picture taken Sep 19 2014

New York City Subway – September 18 2014 at around 17:20pm.   Travelling from Bleecker Street to 42nd Street Grand Central Station.  The audio has been edited and time slightly compressed to emphasize certain audio elements and vocal idiosyncrasies.

Listen:  (5m36s  10Mb)


Equipment used: Zoom H2 and Roland – CS-10EM – Binaural Microphones/Earphones