About Ninja

Inspired by Revolution No. 9, the first sound art piece I ever heard,  I am using this site to publish an audio site that is more experimental in nature than my podcast.  Revolution No. 9 was the longest Beatle composition ever produced at 8 minutes 13 seconds long.  Hey Jude, by comparison is 7 minutes and 4 seconds long and was released as a single on which Revolution was its B side.  Revolution No.9 can be found on the Beatles White album, possibly my favourite album of all time.    John Lennon created No. 9 himself inspired by the works of Yoko Ono and Musique Concrete.

You can also find Ninja Notion at ninja-radio.com or https://ninjaradio.wordpress.com/

Facebook:   Ninjar DeHotfrm

Twitter:  @ninja_radio

Instagram: ninja_radio

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